Articles by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield

  • 1. Constitutional Facial Acupuncture: Changing the Face of Aging
    With the millions of baby boomers now present in our population, there is - especially now – an increasing interest in the organic process of aging. This process involves not only the body, but also the mind and spirit.
  • 2. The Yang and Yin of Facial Acupuncture, Part One
    Synergizing Western Biomedical and Oriental Medical Perspectives
    This article is the first of a series in which we will explore the biomedical mechanisms involved in facial acupuncture, as well as the view of skin aging from the standpoint of Oriental medicine.
  • 3. The Three Treasures of the Face
    The dual quest for longevity and beauty began some 5,000 years ago with the Chinese. It was said that the great Emperor Shih-Huang-ti of the imperial Ch'in dynasty was on an unending quest to defy death when faced with the truth of his own mortality.
  • 4. The Eight Extraordinary Meridians: Our Genetic Imprinting
    The eight extraordinary meridians, pathways of energy (qi), run deep within our bodies, and supply the 12 regular meridians with qi and blood, supporting our DNA or genetic heritage.
  • 5. Essential Oils, Part One
    The Aromatic Orchestra: Vibratory Blending According to Music, Fragrance and Color In 1856, G.W. Septimus Piesse, in his book, The Art of Perfumery, conceived the idea that certain fragrances could be seen to correspond to musical tones, and that the “gamut of odors” might be considered comparable to a musical scale.
  • 6. Simple Skin Foods for Anti-Aging
    To protect your skin from possible deleterious effects of the intense heat of high summer, simple foods and herbs, such as calendula, comfrey, raspberry leaf, essential oils, raw almonds, flaxseed, and honey can be employed to cool, moisturize and provide support.
  • 7. Hyperpigmentation: Liver Spots
    Chinese Patent and Folk Remedies
    As we approach the spring equinox and the beginning of summer, it seems appropriate to examine some Chinese patent and folk remedies for "liver spots."
  • 8. Clean Colon: Sensuous Skin
    This article will address the skin and its relationship to a healthy, clean colon.

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